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Socially Responsible

At Vidlogix, we believe in making positive change by carefully sourcing the materials we use to store and ship your gear, continually integrating environmentally-conscious practices, and supporting our employees and the local community.

Vidlogix supports initiatives that benefit our environment and community.

Environmental Impact

Vidlogix is committed to environmental protection and stewardship and recognizes that pollution prevention and resource conservation are key to a sustainable environment, and has put in place new policies to integrate these concepts into its business decision-making.

Employee Relations

Vidlogix is proud of our fair labor practices and is committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment. Vidlogix does not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation or harassment.

Vidlogix is developing a Supplier Management Policy that will ensure that our suppliers treat their workers and employees fairly, with dignity and respect, maintain safe working conditions and conduct manufacturing activities in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. Vidlogix does not tolerate human rights abuses, human trafficking and/or slavery, and will not engage or be complicit in any activity that solicits or encourages human rights abuse.

Sustainable Products

More and more of our clients are requesting green material options for their security needs. Vidlogix sources products through suppliers that focus on sustainability whenever possible. Vidlogix has put initiatives in place that encourage "green" options that are offered to clients to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Vidlogix is also committed to educating our employees and customers on material options that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Community Involvement + Charitable Giving

Vidlogix is committed to creating positive social change in our community and strives to be more intentional with our giving strategy to focus on community giving. Vidlogix partners with local charities that serve the needs of the fatherless; children, teens and women in need right here in our neighborhood.

As our core values state, Vidlogix believes that all of us are inherently hard-wired to work for something bigger than ourselves and to be in a relationship with each other. In addition to Vidlogix' financial contributions to the community, our employees are also encouraged to participate in volunteer activities throughout the year, from collecting jars of peanut butter for a local food shelf to packing up food to be shipped to 3rd world countries, we provide a variety of opportunities for them to give back.

We constantly strive to improve our standards and partner with organizations sharing that vision.

Partnerships + Affiliations

Trees, Water + People

Vidlogix partners with Trees, Water, People, a non-profit in northern Colorado that focuses on environmental conservation with a social impact. As a Sequoia member, we partner with a Native American Reservation located in South Dakota to plant more than 7,000 trees per year. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation experiences a wide range of environmental challenges due to the rapidly changing climate, land rights issues, and widespread poverty. Reforesting this land combats climate change through carbon sequestration and develops diverse income opportunities for local indigenous people.

Corporate Volunteerism
Council - Twin Cities

Vidlogix recently became a member of the CVC, which provides us with opportunities through networking, professional development programs and sharing best practices with other members to advocate, support and grow workplace volunteerism to improve our community.

Ecovadis Assessment

Vidlogix has achieved "Silver" status with Ecovadis, a CSR evaluation company, and are aggressively working towards attaining our "Gold" status certification which helps to improve the way TBG integrates the principles of CSR into our daily business initiatives to positively affect our communities and supply chain.

Opportunity Partners

Vidlogix works with Opportunity Partners, a local non-profit, to provide work and an income to people with developmental disabilities and that are economically vulnerable.

We are just beginning this journey but excited to make major strides moving forward.

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