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If we can’t replace or repair your item, we’ll buy it back at market value. No fuss. No muss.


Vidlogix will replace your item subject to product availability.


Vidlogix will repair your item subject to parts availability.


Turn your used item into cash. Get a quote. Ship it free. Get paid.


Vidlogix is pleased to offer a free warranty identical to the provisions and limitations of the manufacturer's warranty for such items, with the exception of the term, which is equal to three (3) years.

Vidlogix repairs certain items – hard drives, etc. – whenever possible. Technical repairs are performed by licensed electronics repair facilities.

Repairs take anywhere from 10-14 days from when they are received depending on the nature of the repair and the repair queue.

Our real-time quote engine considers a number of factors such as the condition of the item, its configuration, and its projected value in the secondary market to arrive at a fair price. Quotes from Vidlogix are good for 15 days. Your package must be scanned by UPS within 15 days of the day your Quote was generated. If your quote expires and you still want to sell your item simply return to and start again to get a new quote.

We issue payment after the item inspection process, which can take up to two weeks. Checks will be mailed via USPS within fourteen business days of the device being inspection complete. Please note if you trade multiple devices in the same trade order, payment will be issued once the last device has been inspected.

All electronics are wiped clean of all personal information. We will do a factory reset of devices which removes all personal information. Memory cards and hard drives are formatted, following Department of Defense guidelines. It is your responsibility to back-up all personal data from any device you send to us, before you send it to us!

Be sure to include all items you specified you had when you received your quote. Please include any accessories including the power cords, chargers, batteries, manuals, and original box/packaging, etc. for each device you are sending.

1. Protect your device! Until we receive, inspect and pay for your device, remember, you still own it. Wrap each device securely with bubble wrap or other packing material to protect your item during shipment. If you are sending in multiple items be sure to individually wrap each item, so they will not damage each other during shipment.

2. Choose an appropriately sized box. Choose a box with enough room for 2 inches of cushioning material around all sides of the contents. Remember to include any accessories that came with the item, including original box and packaging if possible.

3. The Test (important): Close and gently shake the box. Is there enough padding to keep the device secure? Or is the device bouncing around inside? If it’s bouncing around, add more newspaper, packing foam, or cushioning material. This is important. Vidlogix will not be held responsible for damage to your items that may occur during shipping.

4. Tape your box shut and reinforce the seams with 2" wide tape. Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape. Do not use cord, string, or twine. If you’re reusing a box, cover up or black out any old labels and markings.

1. Print your pre-paid Shipping Label. Please only use the provided Shipping Label to send in your gear. If you use another carrier or label, we will not be able to track your package and we cannot guarantee that it will be insured during transit. FREE shipping labels are only valid and offered for the 50 United States.

2. Tape the prepaid Shipping Label to the package away from any folds or seams.

3. Within 15 days of receiving your Quote, send your package with UPS Ground, as denoted by your shipping label. We strongly recommend having your package scanned by the carrier and obtaining a receipt. You can drop it off at any UPS Store location or other UPS package drop off point, nationwide.

Once your electronics are received in our processing center, our specially trained technicians will complete a full inspection of your items. Most of the products we inspect match exactly what was quoted online. In these cases, where the quoted value matches the inspected value, we issue full payment of the originally quoted amount. However, at times, mistakes can be made by customers when identifying and grading their device. The most common mistake is when a customer submits an item as an incorrect generation or model number. If we determine that the item received is an incorrect model or is in a different condition, we will adjust the inspected value to reflect the inspected model and/or condition. We inform you via email as well, so watch out for new emails. If we do not hear back from you within 2 business days, we will automatically issue payment for the adjusted amount.

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