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Doing more than just protecting your home.

We're making it easy to protect your purchase!

How it works

If your electronic device is damaged or breaks from normal wear and tear or accidental handling, the cost of repair or replacement will be covered.

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Pick a plan

Add a protection plan to your purchase with a single click.

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Review your order

Review your order, which will be emailed to you after you complete your purchase.

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Enjoy your purchase

Enjoy your purchase without worrying about an accident setting you back.

Need Help?
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Product Protection allows you to purchase product coverage directly from our site. Vidlogix handles all processing, claims, and follow up incase something happens to your product.

When you purchase a protection plan with us you’ll checkout exactly how you normally would. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us on your purchase with information about your protection plan.

You can file a claim directly through Vidlogix at This link can be found in the email sent to you after you purchase coverage. If you ever lose this email, you can reach out to us and we’ll resend it.

Every Vidlogix contract is backed by a regulated insurer. Those insurers are backed by reinsurers. Vidlogix and their partners are 100% compliant and contracts will be honored for the entirety of their term.

Your contract will also be returned and refunded, but at a prorated amount depending on how long the contract has been in effect. You’ll get a full refund within 30 days.

If you love small print or you're an aspiring lawyer, you can read more details about terms & conditions by clicking here.